Digidizem Symbolized Digidizem For Life
Salam and welcome to Digidizem Online.
This site is all about the philosophical way of the Digidizem practitioner, the Dem Digidiz, and this welcome page is here to give you some idea of what it is all about, in a few words. Digidizem is nothing more than way of life. It is not a religion nor is it an order or anything as such. Digidizem is no more than a philosophical way of joy and exuberance.
It suggests there is no one or several gods, there is no meaning to anything or anyone, life is as simple as it represents itself to us.
It suggests seeing a truly great thing: existence itself, as a wonderful actuality 100% of the time, which holds the option for humans to become beings of happiness, not just beings that are sometimes happy.
Its foundations: Meaningless of all things, Knowing one is always an egoist and Being relevant.
Here you can read about the Vision of Digidizem.

There are no rules to dictate your life, only the path that nature allows, which is vastly wide. It is always one's own way to walk. Every single instant is the time to act or to accept being acted upon, each option being just as good as the other.

Take your time to go through the pages, and perhaps educate yourself in a new way of thought.
Do note, in no way am I trying to convince or convert anyone to the way I suggest here. People that would like to learn and practice Digidizem can, should, and will be able to do so. Those who don't just shouldn't.
There is mostly nothing new in our universe, only the same good old principles (naturally - it is the universe we are talking about...) popping up from different angles from time to time, each philosophy and way being pure creation, yet on the same time kind of being there already.

Here I utilize any language freely, with no consideration to culture. Some content may seem improper or fitted for adults only. Please note this issue and read this content only if you are capable to do so.

I hope you do enjoy Digidizem, and this way or that, more importantly than taking on Digidizem, take on your life and enjoy it to the fullest, as it is yours to use, explore and abuse if so you wish, so...

Lots Of Digidiz Love!
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